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Robert Von Hagen obtained another summary judgment dismissal for Dragonetti Bros. Landscaping, a highly reputable contractor tasked with replacing and replanting trees and greenery throughout New York City.   In Montesdeoca v. City of New York, plaintiff sued Dragonetti for severe personal injuries based upon permits issued to Dragonetti which indicated it had performed work in the area of plaintiff’s accident and caused a dangerous condition.  Mr. Von Hagen submitted Dragonetti business records, the affidavit of Dragonetti’s president, testimony and photographs from the plaintiff, affidavits from the abutting homeowner, and multiple publicly available photographs showing that the permits were related to tree work located elsewhere on the same street and had nothing to do with plaintiff’s accident location.  The Court agreed, and held that the permits do not equate with actual work being performed, but are merely allowances to conduct a permissible range of activities.  The Court granted summary judgment to Dragonetti dismissing all claims and cross-claims.  As in prior cases with Dragonetti, Mr. Von Hagen moved to dismiss prior to any depositions or medical examinations, not only avoiding liability and damages, but also the costs of defense.