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Case:  Summary Judgment Obtained for NYC Contractor

Counsel: Robert A. Von Hagen

Case Result: Case Dismissed

MSD recently won summary judgment for its contractor client.  The client was retained by a NYC residential building owner to perform interior renovations to some the apartments within the building.  Plaintiff, a professional moving man, claimed he tripped and fell on the interior common staircase of the building and plummeted down the stairs sustaining severe injuries.  At the close of discovery, Mr. Von Hagen moved for summary judgment relying on the testimony of the parties and documentation showing that the contractor had never worked on the staircase where plaintiff fell and did not produce any hazardous condition by virtue of its work.  The lower Court agreed that the contractor owed no legal duty to the plaintiff and performed its work properly so as to not make the property unsafe.   MSD’s motion was granted without opposition from any other party.


Read the decision here.